How we operate

How we operate

Permolat Southland has a tax-exempt status, because we are a charity the Tax department have given us “Donee Status” which means that any donations can be claimed back on the givers tax at the end of the year at the rate of 33.33%.

For all donations and gifts our bank account is 38-9019-0339320-00

If you want to donate to Permolat Southland deposit it into the bank account, email use with details and we will do a receipt, we can scan and email this.

We would love to get donations from people who would like to support our effort in maintaining huts and tracks that DoC no longer look after. Once the funds are coming in we will be able to fund small projects by Permolat members.

Small projects

We now have a Management Agreement with DoC Te Anau and Invercargill and they have given us a list of huts and tracks to maintain and so if a Permolat Southlander wants to cut a track, they will get approval from Permolat Southland and apply to Backcountry Trust (web page here for application form) and then send in receipts to be refunded for the purchase of nails to hang Permolat on trees to mark the track and for petrol to get to the start of the track and back.

Large projects

For bigger projects like hut refurbishment a person would go to the hut in question and do a detailed list of what needs to be done to the hut and write up a planned scope of works with plenty of pictures, this would then be sent to the appropriate DoC office for approval.

Once DoC has approved the plan then a detailed quote for the complete job would be done, Permolat Southland has an account with Placemakers where we get a good discount. an application would then be made to the Backcountry trust or some other such granting body in Southland asking them to fund the full cost of the job. (We can help you with this process.)

When the funds have been approved then the materials can be purchased and a trip into the hut organised. Backcountry Trust would then reimburse you on your receipts for the job. It should be advertised on the website and email chain looking for some other volunteers to help with the job.

Plenty of photos need to be taken before, during and after the job, a report should then be compiled with photos and details and sent to DoC, Permolat Southland, and the fund provider (along with a copy of all receipts for the job to the fund provider only.)


Permolat Southland Trust is registered for GST. If a GST receipt is required by the fund provider then email me with details and I can produce a GST invoice, but bear in mind that Permolat Southland Trust will require all your original purchasing receipts so that we can claim back the GST on your purchases to offset the GST we pay on the funds. a copy of these receipts can be kept to send to the fund provider.