Martins Hut

Martins hut is on the Longwood Range, it is part of the Te Araroa Trail. it is a 4 bunk Historic hut built in the early 1900’s as a water race maintenance persons dwelling.

Other than walking along the Te Ararao  Trail you can get to it from off the Cascade Road up the Martins Hut Track. (Note the Te Araroa Trail is soon to be changed and will go from Martins Hut directly to Turnbulls Hut and then go over the ridge to the East and drop down to the existing track).

We are looking for someone to look after this hut, it needs a lot of work to preserve it’s historic status, new roof, new chimney, new lining inside, new weather boards on the outside, another water tank, and toilet to mention a few. We need to go in and do a hut survey on it.


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