How to repair a hut

If you are keen to help in a practical way, first go and have a look for  a hut on the Permolat Southland web site found in the hut list. Check that no one is looking after it and let Permolat Southland know you want to take this hut on.

We have created a check list to help you survey the hut with a list of all the things to look at and measure to help you make a list of all that needs to to be done to the hut.

click here to download the [ hut survey check list  ]

or click here [ to have a look at the list ] at the bottom of this page. You can use the Hut Survey check list to help do your hut survey.

Measure and photograph everything, especially any parts that need attention. Fill a notebook with the details and make a plan as to what is needed for your make over Then contact Permolat Southland and they will get an approval from DOC for your scope of works you want to do. Then go to the Backcountry Trust and fill in an application form. This may lead to a proposal to be funded by the Backcountry Trust. If you have concerns about your plans and how to go about them talk to other volunteers who are part of Permolat Southland.

A few friends interested in helping will be needed; it only needs to be a few, but ideally seek out a builder friend for more major work. Most clubs and many outdoor people know someone in the construction industry, and many are only too happy to lend a few days for specific parts of a project.  On your first maintenance trip, plan to go in for a week and have fun. Maintain the hut competently, enjoy working with friends, photograph what has been achieved and come back out with the satisfaction of having done something that will benefit others as well. The experience may lead to a whole new relationship with a place you already know. It is a wonderful way to return something to a hut you treasure, and to make sure it is passed on to the next generation in good nick. Write up a report on what you did with plenty of before and after pictures and sent it to Permolat Southland who will pass it on to others.

Hut Survey Check List

1 Measure hut; measure overall dimensions of hut,  draw 2 plans, outside and inside, and measure everything, length, width, height, timber sizes, tin, flashing, (helps with quantity and size of replacements).
2 tin on roof; rust, holes, leaks in joins, flashing, paint, length of tin, (rain not running off onto walls), lead nails or screws, replace lead heads with tech screws, red algae and lichen, count how many sheets, is there building paper and netting.
3 sky light; brittle, cracked, broken, holes, leaks in joins, colour and clearness, screws, measure length and width.
4 stove chimney; cap, flashing, leaks, 3 skins, stays, netting round rubber boot, measure height and circumference.
5 free standing chimney; tin, rust, holes, leaks in joins, paint, cap, flashing, leaf catcher, stays, tin length (should come over concrete base), replace lead heads with tech screws, is it bolted or screwed,  measure height and circumference, is frame wood or Dexion .
6 ridge cap; rust, paint, holes, leaks, skirt non lead, skirt folded into troughs properly, end fold, end seal, measure length, width, replace lead heads with tech screws.
7 Barge flashing; present or not, paint, rust, holes, leaks, measure length, width, replace lead heads with tech screws.
8 gutters; present or not, straps, litter in gutter, should they be  under tin or not with holes punched, measure length.
9 walls; type of tin, rust, holes, leaks in joins, paint, length (is it over joists, bearers and pile tops), nails or screws, replace lead heads and flat heads with tech screws, seal any gaps, check for lichen and red algae, is there building paper.
10 Piles, Trusses and bearers; rot, borer, broken or missing, damp course, pile bearer connections, ties, Z nails, measure width and length.
11 steps; if present, wood or concrete, broken concrete and cracking, rot, netting, wobbly, borer, absent but needed, measure size and height of each step.
12 windows, glass or Perspex, broken glass, rot, paint, borer, insect screen, flashing
13 surrounds; water elimination from round hut, ditches, drains etc, vegetation, bush
14 tank stand and tank; holes, leaks in pipes, tank or tap, spouting size, cracked or broken,  rot, borer, wobbly, bracing, drain, measure timber and size.
15 door; weather flashing, gaps, broken timber, rot, borer, latch and bolt, knob or handle, measure door if replacing.
16 guy wires and tie downs; rust, loose or too tight, dead man, turnbuckles, hut connections, measure wire for replacement if needed.
17 toilet; hole full or not, rust, rot, leaks, paint, window or sky light, door latch, tie downs, flashing, signage if not seen from hut
18 wood shed; rust, rot, leaks, paint, tie downs, flashing, measure for replacement if needed.
19 fire place; concrete cracked or broken, sinking, river stones broken or falling out of concrete, measure
20 board walks; to toilet and wood shed if present, if not then shingle  paths if too wet, pad below steps, netting, rot, broken.
21 Porch; check whether hut needs a porch or not, weather blowing in the door, wood and gear storage, measure fully if porch needed.
22 fire place; hearth, cracked or broken, needs insert, draws or need vent in floor, needs baffle above mantle on inside, measure.
23 stove; hearth, cracked or broken, draws or needs vent, safety barrier, wall protection, ceiling flashing, 3 skins
24 wall framing; leaks, rot, broken, burnt, paint or not, measure timber sizes.
25 ceiling framing; leaks, rot, broken, burnt, paint or not, measure timber sizes.
26 lining; holes, rot, broken, absent and needed, paint, dirty, joins covered, type of covering, if there is no lining check that there is no holes where the tin on the walls joins the bottom plate.
27 door, window and skylight surrounds; leaks, rot, broken, paint, flashing, insect screen, lined, measure.
28 floor; type, (T&G or ply), rot, broken, holes, level or sinking, (pile related), measure timber sizes and floor size.
29 bunks; slats or ply, rot, broken, missing pieces, ladders, mattresses fire proof, guard rails, bunk to wall fixtures, measure timber.
30 cooking benches; not s/s, too small, missing, rot, broken, wobbly, measure timber and bench size.
31 other benches; rot, broken, needed if missing, wobbly, too small, measure timber and bench size.
32 forms / chairs; rot, broken, needed if missing, wobbly, enough for hut size.
33 table; rot, broken, needed if missing, wobbly, too small, measure timber and table size.
34 rodent ingress; check for activity, entry and exit point mitigation.
35 hut colour; is visibility an issue,  does it need to be rescue orange, reflective strips for finding hut at night.
36 check for; hut book, broom, axe, saw, hearth brush and pan, metal ash bucket if needed, do inventory of other tools and utensils on site.