Upper Oreti Hut

Upper Oreti Hut is in the Western Eyre Mountains on the upper Oreti River. It is reached by walking or driving the rough 4WD track from the Mount Nocholas road just over the Oreti River, (permission from DoC is needed to drive as there is a locked gate next to the DoC car park. It is an historic Musterers hut that is 6 bunks, it is frequented by fishermen and hunters who have done lots of unsanctioned repairs to the hut. We are looking for someone to take on this hut. (This latest Topo map has a spelling mistake for this hut, thry have added an extra ‘T’ to the name upper).

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The hut in 2017 on the left and the unsanctioned  additions on the right.







Inside the hut in 2017 was clean and tidy







The mess inside the hut in 2018, the place is full of borer and bird poop is everywhere. The fire place has not been cleaned out in years and has  about 50 cm of ash and rubbish it it and there are highly flamable couches in it which is a no,no.