Teal Bay Track stage 2

South Coast end of The Hump track, cut report, Permolat Southland, 19-21/09/2020

Note: it has been exactly two years since we cut the Teal Bay Lake Hauroko end of this track this is Stage 2 of that cut.

Seven members of Permolat Southland, Alastair, Sally, Gavin, Lois, Kerry, Annabel, and Stanley drove the rough 4 WD track into the end of the logging road on the south coast and camped at the beginning of the of the South coast end of the Teal Bay track on Saturday 19th September 2020 and camped.

The weather came up blue skies and sunshine the next day as we walked to the top of the track where it comes out of the scrub onto the tops and started cutting and re-marking where necessary our way back down. At 5 PM we stopped work having done about half the track and went back to camp for the night.

Monday morning was once again blue skies and sunshine as we packed up camp and half the crew walked back up to where they finished off the day before and the other half started from the bottom and worked up.

There was much crown fern covering the track in places and a fair bit of sapling re-growth also. We got the track all cut and marked and returned to the cars by about 4 PM that afternoon and started the 30 Km drive back to the Rarakau car park through swamps and along the beach in sections.

All up the crew spent two and a half days on the cut and did 105 man hours of work and amounting to about 4.7 Km of track.

Permolat Southland wishes to thank DoC, and all the cutting crew, Rowallan Alton Inc. the traditional land owners and The Backcountry Trust for their sponsorship of this project.